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Editing at Its Best

Art of the Cut

Steve Hullfish delves into the wonderful world of film and TV with top editors on the biggest projects.

Top Gun Maverick

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning

42 minute read

Eddie Hamilton, ACE, discusses the process of getting a 4-hour editor's cut down to 2:36, the scenes that were reshot after audience previews & more!


Fast X

34 minute read

Kelly Matsumoto, ACE and Dylan Highsmith discuss how to make the impossible seem real, how to triple-cut action, and letting emotion drive story.


Asteroid City

30 minute read

Oscar-nominated editor Barney Pilling, ACE discusses finding Wes Anderson's "metronome" and the value of creating a storyreel for an entire movie.


Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

30 minute read

A deep-dive into the editing of an animated feature like no other. The process, the storytelling and a bunch of amazing details you won't believe!



37 minute read

A discussion touching on finding truth in a fantastic universe, the interconnectedness of Star Wars stories, and the value of in-person collaboration.


The Last of Us

58 minute read

Tim Good, ACE, and Emily Mendez discuss the role of empathy in editing and how shot selection increased tension, emotion, and connection.



27 minute read

Jay Prychidny, CCE, and Ana Yavari discuss working with director Tim Burton, how to be in Wednesday's POV, and transitioning between tonal shifts.


Poker Face

30 minute read

A discussion of finding the truth in the performance, teaching an audience how to watch a show, cutting without music, and more.


Star Trek: Picard

36 minute read

Editor Drew Nichols discusses how being a drummer helped with rhythm, being in a band helped with creative collaboration and the magic of...

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