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Editing at Its Best

Art of the Cut

Steve Hullfish delves into the wonderful world of film and TV with top editors on the biggest projects.

Top Gun Maverick

Poker Face

30 minute read

A discussion of finding the truth in the performance, teaching an audience how to watch a show, cutting without music, and more.


Star Trek: Picard

36 minute read

Editor Drew Nichols discusses how being a drummer helped with rhythm, being in a band helped with creative collaboration and the magic of...

Art of the Cut


28 minute read

Empathizing with flawed characters, using shot sizes to set up character relationships, and collaborating to shape the story throughout the series.


Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 3

31 minute read

Fred Raskin, ACE and Greg D'Auria discuss the power of a single shot, how an editor almost saved several hundred million dollars, and much more.

Art of the Cut

Navalny - Oscar-winning doc

42 minute read

The editorial choices in constructing the Oscar-winning documentary. From the stunning opening question to crafting a Hollywood-style sting call.

Art of the Cut


22 minute read

Oscar-winning editor William Goldenberg, ACE talks about scoring with temp score, knowing when to break the 180 rule, and how an editor becomes a...



34 minute read

Working with musical performances, the value of mentorship, how a great codebook presents a positive image for your post team, and dealing with...

A Good Person

23 minute read

Dan Schalk, ACE deep-dives into topics like jumpcutting, the use of minimal music, using cards on a wall, and adjusting the temperature of...

Art of the Cut

John Wick: Chapter 4

28 minute read

Editor Nathan Orloff discusses the films that inspired the action and editing of John Wick: Chapter 4, and the editing test he needed to pass.

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