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Editing at Its Best

Art of the Cut

Steve Hullfish delves into the wonderful world of film and TV with top editors on the biggest projects.

Top Gun Maverick
Art of the Cut

Black Adam

37 minute read

Editors John Lee and Mike Sale, ACE, on what it was like working on the VFX-packed film, keeping pace with tons of dailies, and working with pre-viz.

Art of the Cut

Behind the Scenes at SNL's Short Form Videos

38 minute read

Brothers Sean and Ryan McIlraith on what it's like editing the digital shorts we all love, breaking down the time crunch, and more.

Art of the Cut


22 minute read

Jay Cassidy, ACE, on his partnership with director David O. Russell, what it was like editing his latest film, and how he attacks dailies.

Art of the Cut


14 minute read

Editor Monika Willi on working on the Cate Blanchett tour de force, the physicality of editing, and when to keep an audience in the dark.

Art of the Cut

Don't Worry Darling

14 minute read

Affonso Gonçalves, ACE, on what it was like working with director Olivia Wilde on her latest film, musicality in editing, and building tension.

Art of the Cut

The Woman King

29 minute read

Terilyn Shropshire, ACE, on editing the historical epic based on true events, tackling fight sequences, and capturing the humanity of the characters.

Art of the Cut


28 minute read

Angela Catanzaro, ACE, on editing on the newest Predator film, the power of silence, and why she likes being on the mix stage.

Art of the Cut

Thirteen Lives

19 minute read

Editor James Wilcox, ACE, on the role of the documentary style approach to director Ron Howard's film about the underwater rescue that captured the...

Art of the Cut

The Gray Man

32 minute read

Editor Jeff Groth, ACE, discusses teaming up with the Russo Brothers once again, how he organizes insane amounts of action-packed footage, and more.

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