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Editing at Its Best

Art of the Cut

Steve Hullfish delves into the wonderful world of film and TV with top editors on the biggest projects.

Top Gun Maverick

A Haunting in Venice

23 minute read

Should you do the research on an adapted movie or not? How do you set-up a jumpscare? How do you deal with a director that's also the star?


Gran Turismo

33 minute read

What is cubist editing? How many frames are in the perfect "burst cut?" And why a Moby song from "Heat" ended up in Gran Turismo.



46 minute read

Jennifer Lame, ACE, and her team discuss the paradox of cutting a non-linear film in a linear way, and the joys of collaborating with director...



22 minute read

Editors Ken Eluto, ACE, Jane Rizzo, ACE, and William Henry, ACE discuss judging award-worthy editing, how the show's handheld aesthetic affects the...


Triple Emmy-nominee Stephanie Filo, ACE

27 minute read

Triple Emmy-nominee (in 2023 alone) Stephanie Filo, ACE discusses the editing community, using sound to enhance emotion and editing at the speed of...



22 minute read

Heather Persons, ACE and John Valerio, ACE discuss the value of being on location, the reason music sometimes drops in perfectly on a scene and more.


Joy Ride

34 minute read

Nena Erb, ACE discusses working with first-time directors, managing ad-libs, transitioning from unscripted, and managing emotional moments amid the...



44 minute read

Nick Houy, ACE, and the post team discuss the montage that made their family members famous and matching the open of "2001: A Space Odyssey" to...

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